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Three-day conference geared toward

aspiring future Nonprofit leaders looking to receive and apply information toward

establishing their own Nonprofit Organization.


* You will leave this conference with your nonprofit established.*

Day 1: Sunday, Dec 1st   3:30pm-7:30pm

Day 2: Monday, Dec 2nd 9am-5pm

Day 3: Tuesday, Dec 3rd 9am-1pm

"Taking Action for Change: Sign up for our Nonprofit Conference now! Join us for a day of inspiration, education, and collaboration at the In Action Nonprofit Conference. Connect with industry experts, network with like-minded individuals, and gain valuable insights to drive positive change in your community. Don't miss this opportunity to be a part of a powerful movement. Register now to secure your spot and take the first step towards making a difference. Let's come together and create a better future for all. See you at the conference!"

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Price of Nonprofit Conference: $2,000 with a workable payment plan
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Thank you for registering for Non profit conference we look forward to seeing you a staff member will be reaching out to you shortly get ready to birth your legacy.

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