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Growing up in poverty myself, was nothing comfortable. I realized early on my family was only doing the best they could for me. This did not change the fact people at school would make fun of me. I had no idea, growing up, what good character was. Although I grew up in the church, character was something that I found out about later in life. Children, young adults, and even adults have had to worry so much about just making it, that understanding the importance of character had no place. Peace for poverty will change that narrative and build solid character in the hearts of those who have been under served.



There's a large majority of families suffering from mental health. All to often, growing up in poverty, we are told to just get through. This motto has left families stuck seeking for solutions to there mental anguish with no true knowledge of how. 

  Mental illness can stem from many life experiences such as sexual abuse, neglect, physical abuse, early pregnancy, and bad relationships. All of which, many families have encountered and was told to just deal with it. Due to it becoming the normal for years, seeking help has been abandoned. 

  Peace 4 Poverty will tackle this issue head on with real stories, specialist, and a common ground approach that will help in the pursuit to Mental wellness.



Fair Economic mobility is a fight that many cities and states such as Charlotte NC have been facing for a long time. Charlotte is number 2 in the United States in banking but 50th in economic mobility. Which leaves returning citizens, single mothers, single fathers, and families and youth in under served communities at a disadvantage if not in the top tier in certain job markets Peace 4 Poverty will change that by not just speaking to statistical numbers. We will put financial advisors, credit specialists, business consultants, Teachers, educators in one room and birth the future of new business owners in

The Next Great 50 Program.

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